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Welcome to Mediterranean Escape

    Mediterranean Escape is a new gourmet line of Greek specialty foods where your taste buds go for a vacation.  Our first recipes include Greek Salad Dressing and delicious dips for bread, pita etc.
    As we expand we will introduce main dishes and desserts.  Mediterranean Escape is sold in upscale, gourmet stores. 
    I am confident that this new line of Greek food will become very popular quickly.  The food I present to the public is food I serve my family and friends everyday.  It is extremely healthy and delicious.  Everyone loves the food including kids of all ages.
    I was born and raised in Greece on a small island called Corfu.  All my recipes come from what I learned from my mom and the people of a small village below our beautiful, white villa.  (Gerald Durrell’s old house).
    This is a great time to have this available to the public due to the increased popularity of Mediterranean wines and foods.  Not to mention the movie industry doing a lot of filming in Greece. This also increases people’s curiosity for Greek cuisine. 
    We still own a house in Greece where I travel back and forth and stay inspired for new recepies.  
    This company is located in beautiful Santa Ynez, California.
    Products will be available for purchase on line or over the phone. 

Take your taste buds on vacation and experience the delightful flavors
of Mediterranean Escape.


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